Potter is waiting to see Fofana symptoms this Thursday.

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Graeme Potter has revealed that Wesley Fofana will have to wait for the results of an injury test on Thursday. Chelsea Open house chasing AC Milan 3-0 in the Champions League Group E battle on Wednesday past. As a result the London club won their first leg with four points from three games now.

However, Chelsea faced further problems as Wesley Fofana. Who scored the injury’s first goal of the game with injury. Had to be taken off the pitch in the 38th minute. 

“We’ll have a check tomorrow (Thursday) to see how it is. There are currently no reports It was one of the bad things tonight.” Potter said UFABET 

“Overall it’s a good performance from the team except at the end of the first half. They don’t have much chance. It speaks a lot to our team defense. It is an important victory. But the path of this program is still a long way to go.

“Children are open, responsible, honest and it’s wonderful to work with. They realized they hadn’t reached the level they wanted. From the coach’s point of view, it’s a great form.”

“I don’t want to make any predictions right now. But we’re worried and we have to wait until tomorrow. Wait for the scan results to complete. and hope for the best It’s like this

“What can happen? he is a young boy He is a strong man, we will help him, we will support him, but at the moment there is not much to report.”