Pep Guardiola thumbs up the team’s form – explains Haland change.

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Pep Guardiola the Manchester City manager praises the team’s performance. And explain the replacement of Erling Haaland out during the football first half.

City defeated Copenhagen 5-0 in the Champions League Group G on Wednesday. As a result, the top team from England won 3 games in a row with a full 9 points.

“We stay consistent and fight for everything. We gained a lot of confidence after winning the game. (Manchester) Derby 6-3. So it’s great to play like we do.’ Pep Guardiola the Spaniard told BT Sport UFABET

“The result was great but I am impressed with the way we attacked, I am really pleased and commend the players once again.

“We are doing well in every area, we are focused. And many players are playing at a high level, everyone has to do well to help the team and win one game at a time.

“The game was 3-0 and he (Erling Haaland) played a lot, it’s good for young players and Cole Palmer is excellent.

“Jack Grealish played unbelievable. The next step is to score goals.

“We can’t forget that last season we won. Southampton, No, we’ll look into that. We have to accumulate that idea in the next match. And hopefully we won’t believe that will happen in the next game. We must win every game to finish 1st in the group as well.”