Aubameyang pointed out the first goal to make Chelsea play confident.

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Chelsea forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang sees his first team goal. As a key point in ensuring everyone is confident and moving forward with three points.

Chelsea Open house chasing AC Milan 3-0 in the Champions League Group E battle on Wednesday past. As a result, the London club won their first leg with four points from three games now.

“It’s not an easy game. They played well in the first half. Then we keep our earnestness at a high level. We are confident.” Aubameyang The Gabon international, who scored the game’s second goal. Told BT Sport.

“Of course [when asked if I enjoyed my life at Chelsea] it felt good. I had a great welcome from all the players and staff. UFABET

“It’s weird to play against them (Milan) after being with them for so many years. but that’s football

“The first goal is really important. It gives us strength and confidence to play the game. We know what it takes to face Milan, they have great strikers as well. Today the defender has done an incredible job.

“It’s easier when you win the competition. Now the atmosphere is very good. We will continue to try to maintain it.”

‘This win gave us a lot of confidence. I think as a group Winning the first game is important for our team. And for the new manager So we are really happy.

‘Winning away from home is a big step forward. And I think it’s very good for us before going into a period of difficult games like now.’